The moon of Travnin


The moon of Travnin is the imperial seat of government for The Minos Cluster. Travnin is a sparsely populated desert moon orbiting a gas giant (also called Travnin) in the Travnin System. The major settlement on the moon of Travnin is the spaceport, called Travnin Spaceport. Travnin Spaceport is very important as it is the last stop in the Minos Cluster on the trade route to the inner rims.

Notable Events and locations:
There is a Swoop Racing circuit just outside of Travnin Spaceport. It is run by Imperial government.

Sector: Minos Cluster

System: Travnin

Major Settlement: Travnin Spaceport

Native Race: Human

The moon of Travnin

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